Available to Promise (ATP)

It's important for both manufacturers and distributors to be able to tell their customers when their order will ship. When entering sales orders in Fitrix ERP if an item is not in stock it is placed on backorder. The date it will be available for shipment is then calculated real-time and displayed on the order entry screen so the customer can be advised of this date.

Available to Promise (ATP)

Real-time calculation and updates of product availability

The available date is calculated real-time so you can tell your customer when the product will be available while taking the order. If the quantity ordered is then increased or decreased the available date is updated on the spot.

Drilldown to ATP data used to support the calculation of the ATP date

On the same screen that displays the ATP date click on the Availability button to view pending purchase orders and work orders and their projected receipt and completion dates.

Flexible hierarchical approach to available calculation

If you're using the Fitrix ERP Advanced Planning modules (Materials Resource Planning (MRP), Master Scheduling (MPS) and Capacity Resource Planning (CRP)) the available date is the next receipt date from the master production schedule. If you are not using these modules then the Production Scheduling module can provide the ATP date.

Fitrix ERP supports both Finite and Infinite scheduling

If using infinite scheduling (no capacity restrictions) the ATP date is the date the order is placed plus the short component lead time and production lead time. If using finite scheduling the ATP date calculation also takes into consideration your capacity to produce based on available resources.

Screen shot

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