New Customer Process

New Customer Process

Welcome to Fitrix! 

This area is for businesses that have just purchased the Fitrix software or are in the process of evaluating and purchasing Fitrix. The documents published here will help you plan and implement your Fitrix ERP system. 
Fitrix   Customer Expectations 

We want your Fitrix implementation to meet or exceed your expectations. Please review this document as it is intended to help you set realistic expectations for your Fitrix implementation. Please discuss any areas of these expectations that you have concerns with or which are unclear with your Fitrix sales and/or project team. 
Fitrix Customer Expecations – Addendum for Highly   Customized Systems 

If you are engaging Fourth Generation Software to build or replace a highly customized system you will need to review and agree to these additional expectations. 
Fourth Generation Software Services Ageement 

If you are engaging Fourth Generation Software for any services, this agreement will be executed.  
Fourth Generation Software Maintenance (Support) Ageement 

If you are purchasing or renewing Fourth Generation Software Maintenance, this agreement will be executed If you purchased a 24×7 maintenance agreement, use this version and be sure to request the separate 24×7 support phone number   24×7 Version 
Fitrix Software License 

This is the license agreement for the Fitrix software  
Four J’s Genero Software License 

This is the license agreement for the Four J’s Genero software which is included with Fitrix  
IBM/Informix Software License 

This is the license agreement for the IBM/Informix software which is included with Fitrix    

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