Actual Costing (Coming Soon)

Actual Costing analyzes actual production costs for an item and compares them to one or more standard costs. Cost variances are presented in summary format, by order, item, or product via inquiry and reporting programs. Detail variances are presented by component and routing step.

Actual Costing (Coming Soon)

Actual Costing is dependent on the Production Order Processing module. The actual production costs are derived from the material issued and the labor reported to production orders. 

Actual Costing is integrated with the Labor Processing and Standard Costing modules. The labor time reported on production orders updates actual costs for hours reported with actual employee labor rates and, when a production order is created, its standard or expected costs are captured with the order for later comparison to actual.

Features/Function Highlights

  • Compares actual cost to beginning of year standard by accounting period and year. Variances displayed in summary by: Material, Labor, Setup, Overhead, Outside process
  • Variances displayed in detail by Material usage, Material cost, Setup usage, Setup rate, Setup quantity, Labor usage, Labor rate, Overhead usage, Overhead rate, Outside process usage, Outside process rate, Production scrap
  • Product Variance history displays cost comparisons and variances by item
  • Costs can be analyzed by order summary, component detail, and routing detail
  • Post summarized cost variances to General Ledger on demand


  • Order Cost Variance Report
  • Work in Process Cost Status Report

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