Canadian Features

The following are special Canadian feature enhancements that have been developed to tailor Fitrix ERP for the Canadian market.

Canadian Features

Canadian GST

Fitrix has a very elaborate tax module which allows for the creation of any number of tax groups each of which can be composed of individual tax definitions. Individual tax definitions define tax codes such as GST, HST, QST, HSTON (HST for Ontario), HSTBC (HST For BC) and so on. 

For locations such as Quebec that have two levels of taxation, QST and HST, the individual tax items are set as separate tax codes and then a group is defined combining these into one tax definition. Further, as is the case in Quebec where QST is charged on top of the accumulated amount of GST and the sales total, the tax codes within a group can be defined with a priority as to which order they are applied and then can be defined as cumulative. 

Each individual tax code has its own distribution thus allowing the G/L to accumulate values for each code individually or combined. Separate tables maintain the details of all tax applications from all modules thus allowing for easy reporting of tax transactions for government remittance purposes. Advantages of the Fitrix approach to taxes:

  • All tax codes are maintained with their own definition for G/L distribution (for both A/R and A/P), tax rate, country, state or province and as to whether the tax amount should be included in the asset or expense value
  • Individual tax definitions can be grouped to allow for multi-level taxation including the accumulation of tax on tax
  • All tax transactions are maintained in separate tables for reporting purposes such as Government remittances. These transactions contain links to the originating documents to allow for drill downs back to their source.
  • Tax definitions are used across all modules thus not requiring separate definitions for each
  • Tax defaults can be applied at the customer/vendor, ship to address (for both customer and vendors), by modules (Order Entry, Payables) and can be overridden at the document level.

Canadian Payroll

Fitrix has available a complete Canadian payroll module. The module includes all basic payroll functions evident in Canada for the application of such things as taxable benefits, QPP/CPP, EI, WCB, and Federal and Provincial Income Taxation for all Provinces and Territories. 

Advantages of the Fitrix Canadian Payroll modules include but are not limited to:

  • Full adherence to Federal and Provincial taxation and remittance regulations and legislation
  • T4/T4A/RL1 generation and printing including generation of XML files for online submissions
  • ROE Generation and printing
  • Full Direct Deposit support with on-line transfers to banking institutions
  • WSIB/WCB calculation which can be based on projects and/or individual employees including the proration of common earnings when multiple rates apply to internal office staff

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