Bar Coding Support

Like the old saying says, 'garbage in, garbage out'. Automating your business with ERP software can greatly help streamline many of your company's key business processes, but makes the accuracy of the information being collected even more important. 

Bar Coding Support

Leveraging bar coding technologies to more accurately input information into your ERP system can significantly improve the quality of data as well as streamline many processes, from receiving and put-away to order taking to inventory and cycle counting. With many different types of bar coding solutions on the market today, 'one-size-fits-all' solutions can be limiting, and custom interfaces can be tedious and costly to implement. 

Fourth Generation Software has addressed this issue by building an integration architecture into the Fitrix ERP suite that allows for most any type of scanning device to be interfaced with to help leverage these technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Fitrix ERP system. A range of technologies from telnet emulation to web services is available to provide the best tools for the job. 

Since there are many different types of scanners and many task to which they are applied, initial setup and interface configuration is needed, but once enabled, the Fitrix-scanner interface manages the exchange of information between scanning devices and Fitrix ERP. Fourth Generation does not sell or support any bar coding hardware, but will work with you to help you find the best products and technologies.

Features/Function Highlights

  • Flexible architecture supports integration with most any kind of scanning device, supporting many different symbologies, protocols and technologies, from most any vendor on the market
  • Live and batch interfaces available, with tailorable options to achieve most any scanning goal required
  • Support for many different functions within Fitrix, via predefined 'methods' that automate how data collected via the device is processed within Fitrix

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