Vendor Request For Quote (RFQ) (Coming Soon)

The Fitrix request for quote utility is designed for businesses that have multiple vendors that they procure raw materials, components and/or goods resold as is. It expedites the purchasing process by electronically submitting bids to multiple suppliers and then importing a side by side comparison of item pricing to be reviewed and then automatically added to the Approved Vendor List/Catalog when accepted.

Vendor Request For Quote (RFQ) (Coming Soon)

Use the import utility to import items and bills of materials not currently in the database.

The utility first scans the database to determine which items and bills do not exist and then imports the missing data. This is a very good tool for make-to-order and contract manufacturers that may be building a product for the first time.

Create the RFQ from the Bill of Material

Enter the bill of material end item using the Add Vendor RFQ screen program and a list of component items will display so that you can then enter vendors next to each item you want a price quotation from.

Transmit bids electronically and import prices for each component item

Once vendors are assigned to the component items, transmit the RFQs to your vendors. When the vendor quotations are received back, import this data and then use the RFQ Review screen to see a side by side price comparison by item by vendor. You then designate which vendors won the bid for each item.

Update your Approved Vendor List (AVL)

Once all items have approved vendor pricing in place, run the Post RFQ program to update your approved vendor list with the pricing accepted. This AVL/ Vendor Catalog pricing will be used for any purchase orders generated for short components on work orders.

For Contract or Make to order manufacturers quote the customer

Enter a quotation to your customer and use the Job Cost/Price Detail report to review your expected margin prior to sending it. Once the customer accepts the quote it can be converted to a regular sales order. This conversion will automatically generate vendor purchase orders for any short components on the production order created by the sales order.

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