Help Desk Support

The goal of the Fitrix ERP software support team is to answer your questions and address your issues as rapidly, completely and professionally as possible. To achieve this goal, we’ve staffed our support organization with the best software support people we can find. We do everything we can to provide them with the best tools and training available, so that they can continue to meet and exceed our high expectations for customer service.

Help Desk Support

 Each member of our seasoned support organization has a minimum of ten years of front-line experience assisting businesses like yours use and be productive with Fitrix ERP software. Our staff has deep knowledge and experience in all aspects related to supporting Fitrix ERP software in any business or technology environment. Our support professionals are regularly trained and re-trained to remain up-to-date in all subject areas needed to provide our customers with the best software support available. 

Our company’s commitment to superior customer service is ingrained in our culture and is second to none. The strength and longevity of our relationships with our customers are a testament to our support team going the extra mile time and time again for our customers. 

In addition to the unlimited Help Desk support that Fitrix ERP customers have available, we provide a comprehensive software subscription service with Fitrix that ensures you get the latest software updates as they're made available, plus get any new major Fitrix ERP software releases that we publish in the future. For Fitrix ERP Premise customers there is a fee for this service. There is no fee for Fitrix ERP Cloud customers since we host the application. 

Unlike most software companies that only provide selective upgrading to new software technology they produce in the future, with the Fitrix ERP software subscription service, you’re entitled to any new software updates, upgrades, and new modules in the Fitrix ERP software family for the platform you purchased (in cases where new Fitrix ERP software embeds additional third party software technology that we don’t produce, we may charge a fee to cover these costs).

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