Adaptable Architecture

The backbone of Fitrix ERP software technology is its Adaptable Applications Architecture, an innovative applications infrastructure underlying the entire software suite that controls all aspects of application design, development and deployment. Built into this application infrastructure are highly scalable data processing capabilities, enabled by the robust SQL relational database support built into the Fitrix ERP architecture.

Adaptable Architecture

Widespread use of industry-standard “open” technologies allows virtually unfettered access to all Fitrix ERP applications and data, within a fully controlled and managed environment.  

Using our innovative Adaptable Applications Architecture, Fitrix ERP business applications can be completely tailored to support your company’s standard and specialized business processes end-to-end, leveraging out-of-the-box Fitrix functionality.  

Adaptable Architecture

The key business problem that Fitrix ERP’s Adaptable Applications Architecture solves via its comprehensive toolkit and methodology is the ability to take core Fitrix business application components out-of-the-box and extensively customize them to meet your business needs, without "breaking" the software package and creating a support and maintenance nightmare. The Adaptable Applications Architecture technology that's integrated into every Fitrix ERP software module controls key design, development and deployment factors which enable extensive software customizations within, between and beyond core Fitrix ERP application components. 

The end result of this innovative software applications infrastructure is that small and mid-size businesses can now take advantage of business software technology in ways that only that larger, very sophisticated companies could in the past.

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