Inventory Lifecycle End Of Life (EOL) (Coming Soon)

When a supplier decides to discontinue an item, a business only has three choices if there is no alternate supplier or item for the product they are manufacturing: tie up capital by arranging for a lifetime buy, not make the product anymore, or redesign the product. Since the redesign and approval process can be lengthy it's extremely important to be up to date on end of life data for needed componentry and with Fitrix ERP you are.

Inventory Lifecycle End Of Life (EOL) (Coming Soon)

Automated Product Change Notification (PCN) reports emailed to you

Fitrix ERP interfaces with industry standard reference component database products that compare your AVL to a database that contains up to date End of Life product notifications from hundreds of suppliers.

Record end of life data at the item level

The end of life date and any possible replacement item is stored with the item and is visible on the Item Maintenance screen as well as the Material Requirements and Indented Bill of Materials inquiry screens.

End of life reporting

Fitrix ERP provides an end of life report that prints all upper level items that contain components with an end of life date. The end of life date also prints on the indented bill of materials report.

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