Extended Inventory Attributes (Coming Soon)

Manufacturers are sometimes required to capture and catalog attributes about the items they purchase and manufacture that relate to engineering information, external regulatory compliance and/or Department of Defense requirements. These attributes can be both text-based or may be links to electronic documentation such as Word or PDF documents, drawings and pictures.

Extended Inventory Attributes (Coming Soon)

In Fitrix ERP:

  • Attributes are established as attribute groups and are then associated with items in the item master.
  • At time of receipt, either through purchasing or production, if an item has a predefined attribute group a screen will display that lists all of the attributes in the group so the user can enter text or scan/ link documents to the item.
  • After receipt an item's attributes can then be accessed when reviewing on hand status and print as part of an overall composition analysis for manufactured items. They can also be reviewed when analyzing material requirements where the manufactured item requires components of a certain pedigree.

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