Master Scheduling (Coming Soon)

Master Scheduling is the primary driver to plan and schedule production to support external demand for products. It facilitates detailed entry of production forecasts and uses these forecasts, along with sales order demand, to generate a Master Production schedule. Rough-cut capacity planning is also available, to analyze commitments placed on critical production resources.

Master Scheduling (Coming Soon)

Features/Function Highlights

Planning Parameters

  • Sets defaults for MPS generation runs

Period Intervals

  • Define how the future is to be divided into time periods
  • Multiple period intervals may be defined
  • Used to display time-phased materials activity

Resource Master

  • Defines critical resources used in production
  • Identifies bottleneck areas which should be controlled

Bill of Resources

  • List of resources and units needed for master-scheduled items
  • May be manually entered
  • May be automatically generated by analyzing Indented bill of material, Indented routing

Maintain Master Schedule

  • Supports manual entry of firm planned orders
  • Generated planned orders can be firmed or confirmed
  • Allows changes in dates and/or quantities for generated planned orders

Master Schedule Generation

  • Nets forecast and sales orders to on-hand and on-order
  • Generates planned orders via order policy codes

Forecast Maintenance

  • Allows entry of item forecasts by warehouse
  • Items can be assigned to groups to inherit forecast characteristics
  • Forecasts entered by quantity or amount
  • Forecast by week, bi-week, month, quarter, year
  • Forecast may be propagated over a given time frame
  • Allows forecasts to be ‘layered’ for multiple forecasts in the same period


  • Displays time phased availability
  • Indicates first period in which a required quantity is available
  • Supports Zoom to display details of periodic requirements

Rough-Cut Capacity Inquiry

  • Compares capacity and load in user-defined period intervals
  • Over or under-load displayed graphically for easy exception analysis
  • Details of load displayed with Zoom option


  • Master schedule
  • Rough-cut capacity
  • Bill of resource
  • Resource where-used

Screen Shots

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