Approved Vendor Lists

Having an Approved Vendors (AVL) or Approved Suppliers (ASL) List that contains the vendors/suppliers that meet your company's standards as far as quality, pricing, and delivery performance go, is essential to any ERP purchasing system. In Fitrix ERP this list is maintained by way of item catalogs.

Approved Vendor Lists

Easily maintain your approved list using the item catalog program

The catalog allows you to store by item the approved vendors you buy it from, the cost, the unit of measure purchased in, the vendors part number, and if the item must be RoHS or REACH compliant, whether or not the vendor has submitted to you the item's Full Materials Declaration (FMD).

Decide if management approval is needed for purchases from unapproved vendors

For some manufacturers it may not be important that purchases are made only from approved vendors. Because of this the use of AVLs is a user configurable setting in Fitrix ERP that can be turned on and off. If it is turned on and an employee tries to process a purchase order for an unapproved vendor, a password is required to proceed.

Have the proper tools in place to manage your AVL

Being included on the approved vendor list should be considered a privilege and should motivate your vendors to continually improve their product and performance. However its' up to the purchasing manager to make sure this is the case. Fitrix gives you the tools to analyze your vendors. These include:

  • Vendor Purchase Cost Analysis reporting that compares what you've paid each vendor for an item
  • Quality control reporting that gives you by vendor by item their pass to fail ratio for items received and the reason for the failures
  • Vendor Delivery Performance reporting that shows you percent on time versus late deliveries
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