Inventory Control

One of the biggest factors in cash flow management is the effective management of inventory levels because inventory is one of the largest investments a company makes. A good software solution needs to provide you with up to date information on what’s in stock, where it’s located, how much of it you sell, and when you will run out. Without this information you run the risk of stock outs and overstocks which in turn can produce inferior customer service and reduced profitability due to lost sales and high carrying costs.

Inventory Control

The Fitrix Inventory module provides you with the tools to effectively manage your inventory. Your on hand quantities are updated when the purchase order is received or the production work order completed. During order entry you can see what is on hand, what is allocated to customer orders and the order detail, what is on backorder and the order detail, and what is due to be received and the estimated receipt date. Also included is extensive reporting capabilities, maintenance programs for physical counts and adjustments, and the ability to maintain inventory in multiple distribution centers.

Features/Function Highlights

  • Modular Integration – Direct integration with Fitrix Order Entry, Replenishment, Purchasing, Production Work Orders, and General Ledger
  • Item Code Unit Of Measure – can have multiple units of measure per item
  • Item Classification – assign an item class code to each item for reporting purposes or to group for special pricing discounts
  • Ability to Clone, Rename, and Merge Inventory Items
  • Incremental Units – for items that you must sell or purchase in increments of 2 or more, set the incremental quantity so that purchases orders and customer orders must have quantities in these increments
  • Serial and Lot Number Tracking
  • Serial Number Master Screen with Warranty Information
  • Traceability and Recall Management
  • Warranty Tracking
  • Quality Management
  • RoHS Compliance Tracking
  • Cost Method – cost method can be set to standard,average, FIFO, or LIFO
  • Transaction History – ability to see per item the sales and purchasing history online for each month with drilldown to document detail
  • Item Status – ability to drill down from the quantity on hand to see:
    • Quantity allocated to customer orders with order detail
    • Quantity on back order with order detail
    • Outstanding purchase orders and the estimated receipt date with PO detail
  • Multiple warehouses – a separate inventory for each item can be maintained at any number of geographical locations
  • Warehouse Transfers – a picking ticket is created for transfers between distribution centers, freight can be added to the transaction prior to posting so that the receiving center receives the items at a landed cost, and the option to fulfill customer backorders in the receiving center
  • Physical Count – inventory can be easily counted and adjusted. Count sheets are printed, variances, are entered, a variance report lists quantity and valuation differences, and the post program updates the quantity on hand and General Ledger

Reporting and Analysis

  • Stock List Report
  • Stock Status Report
  • Physical Inventory Reports ( count sheets and variance report)
  • Price/Cost List
  • Reorder Advice
  • I/C Journal By GL Account Number
  • Purchase/Sales History
  • Cost Valuation
  • Inventory Turns Report
  • Inventory Status
  • Lot Expiration Report
  • Vendor Lead Time Report
  • Item Movement Audit Report
  • Item Lead Time Analysis
  • Serial/Lot Composition Inquiry
  • Sales Projection Analysis by Item Class
  • Non-Compliant Item List by Vendor

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