Traceability & Recall Management

Fitrix ERP stores historical sales information for all serial/lot controlled items by customer, by sales order so that if any of these items become subject to recall they can be easily located. The software also tracks all serialized/lot controlled components that went into the manufactured items.

Traceability & Recall Management

Complete visibility into the makeup of your manufactured items is essential to effective recall management

It's critical that Manufacturers are able to trace where specific purchased components are used in the event there is a vendor recall. In Fitrix ERP during the manufacturing process you select which component serial/lot numbers go into the manufactured end item. There are several reports and inquiry screens available that show the serial/lot composition down to this component level.

Reduce warranty costs that hurt the bottom line

By tracking the serial/lot numbers of both the manufactured item and the components that went into it, manufacturers can more accurately trace the cause of the product or part failure by evaluating the steps that went into making the item. This will not only improve future product quality but will also allow the manufacturer to recover warranty costs from their vendors if the defect was a result of inferior components purchased from them.

Minimize the impact a recall may have on your customers

Manufacturers can minimize the impact a recall may have on their customers because they have the ability to only recall specific serial/lot numbers affected by either a defective process during production or a defective component.

Product reliability is key

Since every step in the production process can be traced back to a serial/lot number, be it the machine or the team used in its production, manufacturers can continually improve their product reliability by being able to quickly fix any problems areas along the supply chain.

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