Bill of Materials

The Bill of Material module identifies a standard list of items, or components, required to produce a different, or parent, item. It defines the relationships between items being produced and the items needed to produce them. A produced item can be composed of one or more items which might be purchased, assembled, fabricated or changed in some way to create a new item.This new item may be sold directly, or used itself to make another item in a product’s structure.

Bill of Materials

These bills of material are used by other modules within Fitrix to streamline business processes, provide effective planning tools, and to manufacture products in a consistent and timely manner.

  • Production Order Processing – uses standard bills of material when creating production orders to manufacture products. The standard bill is copied to the production order bill as a starting point
  • Material Planning – uses standard bills of material to plan strategic production and purchases, in support of a longer term production plan

Features/Function Highlights

Item Maintenance

  • Global entry option
  • Departmental entry option
  • 80 character description
  • User-Defined units of measure
  • Multiple units of measure per item can be used for purchasing, and selling
  • Multiple user-defined reference table entries
  • Multiple user-defined fields
  • Single-Level and cumulative lead-times
  • Phantom items
  • Inventory and non-inventory items
  • Unit cost breakdown includes Material, Labor, Setup, Overhead, Outside Process
  • Direct access to additional maintenance for Bill of Material, Standard Routing, Warehouse balances
  • Unlimited notes for additional description

Bill of Material Maintenance

  • User-defined component sequencing
  • Multiple uses of same component with same parent
  • Component links to standard routing
  • Bill of material copy
  • Component mass replace
  • Component mass delete
  • Bill of material delete
  • Component effectivity dates
  • Alternate components
  • Parent component notes

User-Defined Reference Tables

  • Product code
  • Group code
  • Commodity code
  • Accounting code
  • Planner code

EOQ Calculator

  • Analyzes movement history to determine optimum order quantity

CMLT (Cumulative Material Lead Time) Calculator

  • Analyzes indented bill of material, standard routings to determine overall time to buy/make


  • Item availability
  • Bill of material: Single level format, Indented format, Access to notes
  • Component where-used: Single level, End item


  • Item list
  • Sales catalog - quick reference for pricing, description
  • Bill of material: Single level format, Indented format
  • Component where-used: Single level, End item
  • Component Effectivity

Screen Shots

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