Server/Hosting Options

The Fitrix ERP leverages the Linux operating system as a highly robust, scalable, cost-effective database and applications server platform. Completely networkable with all recent ‘client’ PCs running Microsoft Windows™ over a standard TCP/IP connection, the Fitrix ERP database and application server is a perfect complement to your existing or new Windows™ PC TCP/IP network.

Server/Hosting Options

Fitrix ERP can also run on a Windows server using the VMware virtualization technology. The Fitrix server can be deployed in any of the following ways:

  • Premise, your Linux server
  • Premise, virtualized under VMware, your ESX(i), Windows, or Linux server
  • Cloud/Hosted, your choice of Cloud provider
  • Cloud/SAAS (Software-As-A-Service), you have no host responsibilities

Linux Server Deployment

Linux is an extremely powerful server platform that is in use in over 80% of businesses today. Derived from the Unix operating system developed by Bell Labs over 30 years ago, it is the most rapidly growing server platform on the market today. Because Linux is basically free, it provides SMBs with the most cost-effective business server platform available, and its stability and reliability have been long touted. 

Fitrix ERP utilizes the Linux server platform because of its uniquely high reliability, scalability to literally thousands of users, and its low cost. Compare the cost, performance and reliability of the Fitrix ERP Linux server with any competitive solutions and you’ll find the Fitrix solution way out in front. Uptime, ease of maintenance, cost to deploy and cost to maintain are all significantly better compared with pure Windows™-based server solutions on the market. 

Minimal hardware requirements make almost any recently-purchased mid to high-end server with an appropriate backup device a good candidate to be your Fitrix ERP Linux server. See the Requirements tab above for more information about Fitrix ERP server hardware recommended specifications.

Windows Server Deployment

VMware is a great way to run the Fitrix ERP software in a Windows environment, and doesn't require your IT staff to know much about Linux to administer and maintain the system. VMware basically runs an 'instance' of the fully functioning Fitrix ERP native Linux server inside an area that is kept separate from other Windows applications, but that can be easily backed up and moved around if needed. 

This approach provides excellent portability benefits and is one we strongly recommend for multi-OS enviroments. The free version of VMware is all most of our customers ever need, so Fitrix ERP's Low Cost of Ownership is maintained. Please click on the VMware link under Related Resources for more information.

Hosted Server Deployment

Don't want to own the server hardware and do hardware and OS maintenance yourself? No problem, just choose from the many different hosting options to have a trusted 3rd party hosting provider deploy and support your Fitrix ERP server. Please inquire to learn about all of the options to host Fitrix ERP outside your business.

UNIX Platform Options

Want to host on other UNIX platforms (HP, IBM, Sun)? Just ask and we'll explain the additional licensing costs for initially deploying on UNIX or for trading up in the future from Linux. The same exact application software (with all of your customizations if you're upgrading) is fully compatible with all platforms we support - just trade up and recompile, there's nothing to convert!

Get Started with a Free Trial

Start today with 14 days for free, then continue with full access as low as $25/month, no contract. Use Fitrix ERP in the cloud with instant setup! No need for technical skills, and we handle the backups and updates.