Labor Processing

Labor is a significant expense for most companies and accurate labor reporting is essential for the correct costing of manufactured items that include labor in their routing steps. An effective labor tracking and reporting system needs to provide you with the information you need to appropriately plan your workload, eliminate inefficiencies and maximize margins.

Labor Processing

Fitrix Labor Processing collects labor transactions for production orders. Labor is entered for both setup and run hours, and for direct and indirect hours. Order completion statistics are updated real-time. The hours and completion are analyzed for efficiency at multiple levels within the organization. Efficiency inquiries and reports show this performance in summary and detail formats. 

Labor Processing is an application in the Production management family. It provides a complete picture of the activities that occur and the costs that were incurred in completing production work orders and supports the flow of this information into the general ledger, payroll and costing modules.

Features/Function Highlights

Employee Maintenance

  • Employees can belong to a Department, Team, Group, Job class
  • Labor rates applied to orders by Regular time, Overtime, Premium time

Shift Maintenance

  • Multiple shifts per physical shift
  • Early/late start time window
  • Early/late stop time window
  • Lunch extraction
  • Break extraction

Job Class Maintenance

  • Standard rates used as alternate for labor costing

Labor Type Maintenance

  • User-defined labor transaction types
  • Setup or run hours based
  • Direct or indirect hours based

Labor Transaction Entry

  • Setup labor
  • Run labor
  • Indirect labor
  • Start/stop time or elapsed time
  • Completed and scrapped quantities
  • User-defined percent complete
  • On-line order update for hours and quantities

Labor Efficiency Inquiries

  • Efficiency by Team, Employee, Work center, Department, Item, Order
  • Transactions analyzed by ranges of Resources, Transaction dates, Shifts

Labor Transaction Reports

  • Print by ranges of Department, Work center, Machine, Group, Team, Foreman, Employee, Order

Labor Efficiency Reports

  • Efficiency by Department, Employee, Order, Work center, Machine, Team
  • History by Department, Employee, Order, Work center, Machine, Team

Screen Shots

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