Advanced Planning

When manufacturing products, being able to do both short and long term forecasting can help the manufacturer align critical resources like cash, materials, plant capacity and the labor that's needed to support a production plan that satisfies the forecast. Fitrix ERP Advanced Planning modules support both resource alignment as well as the generation of sales forecasts and production plans.

Advanced Planning

Flexible sales forecasting

Forecasts can be entered for individual products or families of products with time intervals you define that are conducive to production planning. Multiple forecasts can be entered for the same item in the same time period to address for example a baseline forecast as well as additional forecasts for special sales campaigns.

Take the guess work out of production planning

The MRP generation process, typically run on a nightly basis, builds a plan for producing and purchasing products to satisfy a combination of the demand from the sales forecast and sales orders placed. The plan takes into account existing inventory levels and active production and purchase orders to generate a list of planned orders to produce product and sub-assemblies, as well as planned orders to purchase items needed for production.

Visibility into the load on production resources

Fitrix ERP also includes visibility into how a production plan will impact the resources within a facility so you can see at a glance which ones are over their capacity. If any resource is over capacity you can drilldown to view the workload detail and then either implement overtime measures to increase capacity, reassign some of the work to a time interval that is below capacity or reassign the work to alternate resources if available.

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