Document Management

Fitrix allows you unlimited flexibility in storing all relevant files related to items, customers, vendors, orders, or any other data defined within the Fitrix database. Examples include pictures, schematics or compliance certificates of your inventory items and bill of materials, store a PDF of the customer PO with the sales order, or store a recorded phone conversation and emails sent to your customers when dealing with collection issues.

Document Management

Easily retrieved and reviewed

In the example below, the items database properties are shown along with additional documents for a picture, a recent production packet, and an engineering revision document. All these documents can be easily stored and retrieved for quick review.

Display images on screen programs and print on reports

Any file identified with the key code "image" can be displayed on the screen program it is attached to. Reports can also print these images.

Stored in the database instead of on a separate fileserver

The files are stored in the same database as the enterprise data so there are no synchronization issues and they are automatically included in the Fitrix backups.

Screen shot


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