Editions and Pricing

The easiest way to purchase Fitrix ERP is to sign up for the Fitrix free trial and follow the prompts to purchase your first user sometime during your trial period or immediately afterwards. If you have already started your free trial you can visit the Fitrix website and select ‘manage my account’ to purchase your first user. Or, if you prefer, just call us at 770-432-7623 or email us at support@fitrix.com and a customer service representative will guide you through the process to purchase and implement Fitrix on your terms. We do not employ salespeople.

Most midrange ERP software packages offer  ‘software maintenance’ or ‘software subscription’. ‘subscription’ refers to software updates while ‘maintenance’ usually refers to software updates + help desk. Fitrix ERP offers both of these as well, however with a Fitrix Cloud implementation the software updates and help desk is built into the Cloud user fees. If you implement Fitrix as ‘premise’ based then you should also purchase ‘monthly subscription + helpdesk’ which allows you to keep your Fitrix system up to date and get the most from it. While this is optional with the premise license, it is required if you want to keep your software up to date, add users, or migrate your software to another server.


No, you can start with 1 user and add additional users in increments of 1 as you need them. With Fitrix ERP Cloud you can even reduce your user count on a monthly basis if your needs change.

Each of the 3 cloud modules give you an increasing degree of autonomy:

Multi-tenant: Here you share everything with other customers except for your databases, but you will never know you are sharing because everything that is specific to your business is in your database(s). We can custom configure Fitrix for you but we cannot make code level software customizations for you in this model and your I.T. team cannot have direct access to the Fitrix server.

Multi-tenant Modifiable: Here you share a few less resources which allows us to made code level and database level customizations for you. We can add any custom features you need to your copy of Fitrix. It’s a little more work for us to keep your software up to date so the fees are a little higher. Your I.T. team cannot have direct access to the Fitrix server.

Single-tenant Modifiable: Here you have your own Fitrix server which is a virtual Linux instance hosted on AWS. You are sharing nothing except for the underlying AWS hardware and network infrastructure that we have no access to. Because your system is 100% isolated from our other customers, we can allow your I.T. staff to access it for any purpose and your staff can make code level customizations to Fitrix or you can have your Fitrix team made customizations. The fees are higher as there is more work for us to do to keep your software up to date.

 Standard User:

  • Can access all included Fitrix applications and menu options and can switch to any role ( i.e.- Sales, Purchasing, etc.) on the fly
  • Software is available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • No restrictions on the volume of transactions
  • User can only login on 1 device at a time

Single Role User:

Same  as a Standard User but access is limited to one defined role (i.e. – Accounts Receivable).

 Occasional user:

  • Can access all included Fitrix applications and menu options and can switch to any role ( i.e.- Sales, Purchasing, etc.) on the fly
  • Access to software is restricted to either:

Logged in any part of 15 calendar days per month

Logged in for a maximum of 100 hours per month

  • No restrictions on the volume of transactions
  • User can only login on 1 device at a time


Select ‘manage my account’ from the Fitrix website. From there you can add, pause, or remove users for your Fitrix Cloud system as needed

A named user is a "named" individual accessing the software. Only that person can use Fitrix under that name. If you have 10 different employees that use Fitrix, you need 10 user licenses. If an employee stops using Fitrix you would access your account management screen to retire (or pause) that named user. 

A concurrent user is any user accessing the software. You will need licenses for the maximum Fitrix users logged in at one time (concurrently) . For example, if you have 10 different employees using Fitrix and there are times when all 10 are using Fitrix at once, then you need 10 concurrent user licenses. If you have 25 users of Fitrix but some are light users or occasional users such that there at most 15 users logged into Fitrix at the same time (concurrently), then you need 15 concurrent user licenses.

Yes, all Fitrix pricing includes full application source code as well as a license to use the Fitrix RAD (Rapid Application Development) Tool kit that we used to develop Fitrix. Please note that you will have no access to the Fitrix source code in the Cloud Multi-tenant or Cloud Multi-tenant Modifiable implementation methods as we can’t allow direct access to the Fitrix servers by your I.T. department in these implementation methods. To access the source code and RAD tools you will need to implement under ‘Cloud Single-Tenant Modifiable’ or ‘Premise’.


With Fitrix Cloud you get all 21 application modules except for Payroll. With Fitrix Premise, the base pricing includes all Financial and Distribution modules, CRM, and any 5 Manufacturing modules. Additional fees are required for 5 more Manufacturing modules and for Payroll

We have several overview videos on our website; click here to see them.

You can also sign up for our no obligation 14 day free trial and play around with Fitrix when you have the time.

If you would still like a walk through of the software with one of our seasoned Fitrix ERP experts please email us at support@fitrix.com. We'll reach out to you to schedule a brief call to get a better understanding of your business and also review what you'd like to see (we have 21 modules!). Then we'll set up a date and time for the software demonstration.


Free Trial

During your 14 day free trial you will have unlimited access to everything Fitrix ERP has to offer. We provide you with a “sandbox” to play in that contains sample data so you can start entering transactions immediately.

Simply send an email to support@fitrix.com explaining the issue you are having and one of our help desk representatives will be happy to assist you.

The free trial period is 2 weeks but you can continue evaluating or even using Fitrix for as little as $25 per month for as long as you like. Please access "Manage My Account" to continue using Fitrix or contact support@fitrix.com if you need assistance with this.

Simply click on the Free Trial! button. No credit card is required.

You will be taken to our Account Creation page in a new browser window. There you will fill out a simple, short form. Within 24 hours, your account will be set up, and you will receive an email notification with a link to your new Account Management sign-in page.

You will receive an email notification 3 days before your free trial ends, encouraging you to convert your free trial to a paid subscription.

Unlike some free trials, where, if you do nothing, your account automatically converts to a paid subscription when the trial ends, that's not the case with the Fitrix Free Trial. (Since the Fitrix Free Trial does not require a credit card, you have absolutely no exposure.)

When you sign up for our free trial you are given access to our extensive library of Documentation, Product Videos and Knowledge Base. Still can't find the answer you're looking for? Just send an email to support@fitrix.com.


Yes, normally each company is in a separate database and there is no limit on the number of databases configured. Additional databases do incur additional fees. Fitrix does not provide any multi-company consolidation features or inter company transfers. These would need to be done manually or by creating an additional consolidation company and setting up a data feed.

For the Fitrix Cloud customer, all Fitrix upgrades are automatically applied as soon as they are made available. There is nothing to do and this service is included in the Cloud user fees.

Fitrix upgrades are divided into these categories:


  1. Patches and small feature improvements – these are released as they are identified, normally every week or 2 but an important patch will be released as soon as possible.


  1. New features – Fitrix is constantly adding new features, normally based on customer feedback and through our Feature Program which lets customers move feature requests to the front of the line by paying ½ of the development cost. These are typically released about once a month.


  1. Major upgrades – A major upgrade is a compilation of all patches and new features since the prior major upgrade, but also includes new technology and additional features that are too complex to release on their own. These are normally released every 2 or 3 years.

If you need a feature that is not in Fitrix, please let us know as our first choice will be to add the feature to the product as long as it can be used by other customers.

If you need a feature(s) that is custom to you, Fitrix can be fully customized at the source code level either by the Fitrix team or by your I.T. department. As a general rule customizations are not allowed in the multi-tenant cloud implementation but we can migrate your copy of Fitrix to single tenant cloud or premise at any time to allow for full customization.

If you need to cancel your Fitrix cloud account and you have data that you need to keep, you will be able to keep 100% of your data. Each Fitrix module has a data export area which will export the key data for that module into a spreadsheet. You will just need to run the exports that apply to you and save your spreadsheets locally. If you need data that is not included in these exports, or if this method is not right for you due to the volume or complexity of your data, you can also engage your Fitrix team to create a full database export to our FTP site for you to download. This will be an Informix dbexport which is every table unloaded in ascii delimited format. If you cancel you Fitrix Cloud service, your databases will be retained for 30 days and then deleted. After that we have no way to retrieve them.

Fitrix includes standard reports in all areas.

Where applicable, reports include selection criteria and most reports can be exported to a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel.

If you want to create your own reports with a tool such as Crystal Reports, we can configure view-only access to your Fitrix database via ODBC or JDBC and assist you with making the connection.

Because Fitrix uses a normalized relational database which can make for some complex table relationships, we supply a set of 'user views' which are database views that give you single table access to commonly used data sets such as "purchase order".

For Fitrix Cloud users there is no effort. All patches, features, and major upgrades are automatically applied as they are released. This service is included in your Cloud user fees. For Fitrix Premise customers, your I.T. staff can be trained to apply these updates or you can hire us to apply the updates. The effort will depend on the level of customization of your software.


Absolutely.  There is no limit to the user count or database size. Fitrix ERP also comes with the source. If Fitrix is missing any features your company needs your internal IT staff can be trained to make the modifications in house using our CASE tools or you can hire us to write it for you. If we feel the feature would benefit other customers we’ll do it at half rate under our Feature Program  and add it to the product.

Fourth Generation Software Solutions has been in the ERP software industry since 1987.

Absolutely! Please send an email to sales@fitrix.com to request a list of references.

The Fitrix ERP solution stack is as follows:


CentOS Linux

Informix IDS Database

Four J’s Genero Business Development Language

Fitrix RAD Tools (Rapid Application Development)

Fitrix Application Code

Fitrix Windows Application (thin client)

Fitrix is primarily developed using the Fitrix RAD Tools (Rapid Application Development) which automate and standardize much of the software development process. The Fitrix tools generate Four J’s Genero code which is a fourth generation business software development language. Fitrix also uses the IBM Informix IDS Database which is a best of breed relational database.

Yes, in fact we have attempted to provide you with all of the tools that you will need to perform your migration on your own – but you can certainly hire us to help you if you prefer. For each data area, Fitrix provides a spreadsheet format for import. If you can get your current data into our spreadsheet formats then you can upload your spreadsheets into Fitrix. Fitrix will first validate your data and allow you to fix any validity issues or fix your spreadsheets and re-import. Once your data has passed the validity checks, it will be fully imported into Fitrix. We also provide you with a sample database where you can practice and perfect your import processes.

That depends on a lot of things! Because full “traditional” ERP implementations take a lot of planning, commitment, and time – many companies just never get started, or get started but get side tracked. For this reason, we recommend a phased implementation. Start using the key areas of Fitrix that will benefit your business the most, and gradually migrate more and more of your software functions to Fitrix until one day you are fully running Fitrix and you can retire your current system(s). Yes – you will be running multiple systems during this time, but we have found that most of our new customers were already running multiple systems that were not interfaced well. We supply lots of tools with Fitrix to make this process work well for you. If you prefer a full ‘traditional’ implementation, then we are also here to support you at whatever level you need and that has been our primary focus for over 30 years. We have a 90 day rapid implementation program that we can guide you through if you want to focus and commit at that level. Your implementation time will depend on: your commitment and ability to staff and focus on the project, the amount and quality of data you want to migrate, the level (if any) of custom features you require up front, the size of your company and number of users. We will be glad to review your plans with you and guide you through any level of implementation or give you the tools to be self-sufficient in this.


If you are a multi-tenant Cloud customer then your data is stored in a separate database(s) that is not shared with any other client, but that database is on a server that is shared with other Clients. We do not allow clients any direct access to our multi-tenant Cloud servers. Your databases are also secured to only allow access to your users. (If you are a single tenant Cloud, or Premise Customer then only you and your Fitrix team have access to your Fitrix server).

If you are a multi-tenant Cloud customer then you have an IBM Informix IDS database running under CentOS Linux. No customers have direct access to CentOS, they can only log into the Fitrix application and run it but they cannot access any other area of CentOS. Your database(s) are configured at the database level to deny access to all users other than the users you have configured under Fitrix Account Management. The Informix database will enforce this access.

Fitrix is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is the world’s leading Cloud provider and is managed using best practices in every area. They offer a 99.99% up-time guarantee. For full details on this topic, visit their webpage: https://aws.amazon.com/compliance/data-center/controls/


Our support department is available from 8:30am - 5:30pm ET, Monday - Friday.

If you require 24/7 support, please contact support@fitrix.com

We offer 3 levels of service, as each customer has different requirements:

  1. Self Service – For customers that want to do almost everything themselves, we have done our best to make all of the tools and information available. We have some highly self-sufficient customers – normally they still needed a little help from us at first but rarely do later.
  2. Strategic Service – this is the middle ground between self-service and full service. This is for customers that want to be self sufficient in some areas but want to rely on us in others or maybe want to have us help them become more self-sufficient as they go.
  3. Full Service – this is for customers that do not have any I.T. staff and want to focus on their business. They want to outsource all of the I.T. and software duties to their Fitrix team.


  • New product versions as released
  • Updates of new Fitrix product features
  • Updates of all Fitrix patches
  • Updates to Fitrix software for new versions of Linux as they occur
  • Updates to Fitrix software for new versions of Windows and other clients as they occur
  • Unlimited Help Desk Support
  • Priority Access to Professional Services Group
  • Submit Fitrix feature request ideas


Not Covered:

  • Consulting services, including applications design or recommendations and recovery of lost data
  • Data issues created by your negligence or fault
  • Accounting principle, theory, or practice
  • Training on the use or benefits of the software. We will point you to the training documentation you should review or the article in our Knowledge Base should we have one that may answer your question
  • Altered or modified software

Yes, Fitrix ERP is fully customizable at the source code level. There is no such thing as a feature that we cannot add to Fitrix for you (or you can have your programmers add features). Our first choice will be to design the feature in a way that will benefit all of our customers and add it to the product, but if you need a truly custom feature we can create it for you. Fitrix ERP has an elaborate infrastructure designed to manage custom features and segregate the custom code from the package code to allow even highly customized systems to continue to accept patches, new features, and major upgrades. As a rule of thumb, for every $1 you spend in custom features, you will probably spend $.07/year maintaining that feature including the impact on the upgrade process.

We have the following training options:

Train the trainer and then that person trains your other employees

Host web based training classes for as many students as needed

Conduct training at your location (trainer travel & living expenses apply)

For more information on our class curriculum go to the Services tab and then click on the Training link to view our Training Catalog.

We do not. If you do not have the expertise to handle the implementation yourself we have a dedicated in-house staff with years of experience that can lead you through any part of the implementation you may need help with.

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