Implementation Methods

Implementation Methods

Fitrix ERP is comprised of 21 modules and how you decide to implement the software is up to you. There are three methods of implementation to choose from.

Details of Fitrix Implementation Methods


Using this method you start with just the pieces of Fitrix your current software may be missing or are lacking needed functionality. For example, you may have items you manufacture that are “configurable” meaning they have optional features that are  selected prior to production. Instead of tracking these options on a spreadsheet it may make more sense to use the Fitrix Product Configurator to automate this process. List of Available Components


Because full “traditional” ERP implementations take a lot of planning, commitment and time many companies just never get started, or get started but get side tracked. For this reason you could do a  phased implementation. Start using the key areas of Fitrix that will benefit your business the most and gradually migrate more and more of your business to Fitrix until you are fully running Fitrix and can retire your current system(s). Yes, you will be running multiple systems during this time, but we have found that most of our new customers were already running multiple systems that were not interfaced well.

Full (traditional):

If you prefer a full ‘traditional’ implementation, we are here to support you at whatever level you need and that has been our primary focus for over 30 years. We have a 90 day rapid implementation program that we can guide you through or we can provide you the tools to be totally self-sufficient in the implementation process. Your implementation time will depend on: your commitment and ability to staff and focus on the project, the amount and quality of data you want to migrate, the level (if any) of custom features you require up front, the size of your company and number of users.

Get Started with a Free Trial

Start today with 14 days for free, then continue with full access as low as $25/month, no contract. Use Fitrix ERP in the cloud with instant setup! No need for technical skills, and we handle the backups and updates.