White Papers

This white paper defines what ERP is  and why using an ERP software can help streamline your  operations, improve your customers’ experience,  enhance your competitive position and drive growth. 

Should your business implement an ERP solution that forces you to accept the way it works – or would you be better off with a more flexible solution? This paper examines that question.

This white paper describes how ERP software products may differ. For example some ERP offering are not a true seamless integrated system but interface with add-on products  that must also be purchased to complete the functionality that many Small to Mid-size manufacturers need to run their business.  

This White Paper discusses the benefits your business will gain by of using an ERP software,  the characteristics of ERP software and how the Fitrix approach fits the needs of small to mid-sized businesses.

This white paper summarizes what Fitrix ERP delivers, including a list of available modules, key features manufacturers need included with Fitrix, pricing models and the services and support we offer our customers.

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