Serial/Lot Number Tracking

Being able to track serial and/or lot numbers is critical for businesses that manufacture or purchase serial or lot number controlled products. In Fitrix ERP, these numbers are tracked from inventory receipt, through your production process, and finally to whom they were sold to. The software also tracks the component serial numbers that went into your finished goods.

Serial/Lot Number Tracking

Seamless integration throughout the modules

When items are received via a purchase order or manufactured via a production work order, the serial and/or lot number can be assigned manually or automatically by the programs. When items are being shipped, you select the serial and/or lot numbers to ship to your customers.

Complete visibility into what makes up your manufactured items

During the manufacturing process you can select which component serial numbers went into the manufactured end item. There are several reports and inquiry screens available that show the serial/lot composition down to this component level. This level of tracking may be required should you have highly regulated manufacturing standards that require certification and/or compliance.

Traceability for recalls or to track down a defective product

Because Fitrix tracks the component serial/lots #s used within your manufactured items you can easily track where purchased parts were used. By doing this any items manufactured and distributed can be traced to the company they were sold to and, in the event of a recall, any purchased part issues can be addressed with your vendors.

Warranty tracking via serial/lot number

By using serial/lot number tracking you can trace which customer purchased a particular piece of equipment and determine if it is still covered by warranty. No-one wants to repair or replace something no longer covered by a warranty or worse yet something your company didn't sell in the first place. 

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