Case Tools

The standard coding environment for programmers developing Informix-4GL, SQL-based products 

Fourth Generation CASE Tools technology allows developers to design an application and have the computer generate the code to create it. This process reduces cost as well as development time, and assures superior design consistency.


  • Creates 100% Informix-4GL code WYSIWYG screen and report building
  •  Enforces programming standards
  • "Regenerability" allows custom 4GL code to add to or replace generated code without losing the ability to re-generate
  • "Triggers" keep customizations separate from standard development environment
  • Compatible with all current versions of Informix-4GL, RDS, On-line and Standard Engines
  • Writes "transaction" logic for optimal data integrity
  • Creates a standardized, robust user interface
  • Version Control System allows you to maintain multiple versions of a program during development or production Extensive security options

Fourth Generation: Screen Form Painter

Screen Form Painter allows the development of new data entry screens or "forms" for INFORMIX-4GL applications. It is an easy-to-use environment which allows you to create screens by "painting" them and then using "dialogue" boxes to define the characteristics of the applications. The Screen Form Painter acts as the control center for running the Code Generator and stores the application definition in an Informix-4GL "perform" file. Screen Code Generator creates the code needed to drive the application. This code contains calls to the different library routines. It is designed and commented to facilitate future additions, modifications and support. Screen User Control Library was designed to give the user more control over how the applications works. Features can be automatically installed in any generated application. Some examples of Screen User Control Library:

  • User Defined Fields
  • User Definable Function Keys
  • Personal To-Do List
  • Context Sensitive User Definable Help
  • Free-form "Sticky" Notes
  • Feature Request
  • Error Logging

Fourth Generation: Menus

Fourth Generation Menus is an advanced menu creation system for UNIX-based computers which allows users to develop menus many times faster than with the UNIX shell language. The menus you create look better and offer features impossible to duplicate in other menu environments. Menus contain such features as different colors, graphics characters, automatically-generated graphics boxes, headings and system variables.

Fourth Generation: Report Code Generator

Report Code Generator is a report production tool that takes an "image" of your report and generates the INFORMIX-4GL code to produce that report code for the programs you need. The "image" of your report may be created with an editor or by using Fourth Generation Report Writer to create the specification. Report Code Generator views the specification and generates highly structured, modifiable, and regenerable 4GL code for your production report.

Fourth Generation: Report Writer

Report Writer is an integrated environment designed specifically for end users. Knowledge of complicated data structures and the complexities involved in joining SQL tables is no longer required for building reports.

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