Developer's Toolkit

The Fitrix ERP Developer's Toolkit is an advanced Rapid Application Development (RAD) application workbench that allows developers to design an application and have the computer generate the code to create it. This process reduces costs as well as development time and assures superior design consistency. The Toolkit environment ensures that all programs are built in a standardized way, automates much of the programming process, and substantially reduces the time and costs associated with enhancing and maintaining your software over time. 

Developer's Toolkit

The Fitrix Developer's Toolkit starts with a library of reusable parts. You define the application changes to the standard Fitrix ERP product, and the Toolkit generates the tailored application. You make any desired business-logic additions within the powerful 4GL environment, and when you generate the finished custom application, all customization logic and code is stored outside of the core application logic as "net changes." The entire suite of Fitrix ERP software applications is designed to allow complete software customization in this manner, which helps ensure forward compatibility with future software releases. 

What makes the Fitrix ERP Developer's Toolkit different is that these new code additions also become part of the application library. This means additions can be reused in later versions of the code. It also means that you can redefine the application by changing parts of the specification. The system then plugs in your logic where it belongs in the new version of the code, enabling you to use the Toolkit to maintain the code without losing your manual additions. The Fitrix ERP Developer's Toolkit includes:

  • Form Painter
  • Menu Generator
  • Report Generator
  • Four J's Genero (4GL) Development Tool
  • Four J's Genero (4GL) Debugger

With these tools, a technical person can learn to rapidly modify any screens or business processes that you want to tailor to support your exact needs. This equates to significant money savings by allowing you to keep Fitrix ERP applications up with your business requirements over time, and by allowing you to quickly and easily build additional system capabilities onto your Fitrix ERP system to support future system needs.

Form Painter

The Form Painter allows the development of data-entry screens or forms. It is an interactive visual front-end featuring a full-screen form editor, application definition dialog boxed, and point and shoot selection capabilities from the database definition.

Menu Generator

Using Menus, you can easily develop a feature-rich application user interface and control program access for all users and groups. Also builds help text, allows audit trail creation, and supports hidden menu options for sensitive areas.

Report Generator

Report Generator is a report production tool that takes an "image" of your report and generates the 4GL code to produce that report code for the programs you need. 

Full applications Source Code is included with Fitrix ERP Complete, which gives you the peace of mind and self-sufficiency to have complete control over the future of your business applications as long as you own Fitrix ERP. It's completely tailorable application architecture means Fitrix ERP may well be the last back-office system you'll buy.

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